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About Me.

Welcome to Elite Soccer and Fitness Training with Coach Emre!

Hi, I'm Emre, and soccer has been a central part of my life since I was five years old. My passion for the game has taken me from my hometown fields to high school varsity soccer and even across the globe, allowing me to experience and learn from some of the best soccer cultures in the world.

In addition, I specialize in offering comprehensive services aimed at transforming lives through health and wellness. With knowledge in nutrition, I provide personalized consultations that empower clients to achieve their dietary goals and optimize their performance. My expertise extends to designing tailored fitness programs that not only enhance strength and conditioning but also foster long-term health. By combining scientific knowledge with motivational coaching, I strive to inspire individuals to surpass their fitness limits and embrace a lifestyle of vitality and well-being.

High School Success

During my high school years, I played varsity soccer for all four years. This period was crucial in developing my skills, leadership qualities, and understanding of the game. Competing at such a high level from a young age taught me the importance of dedication, teamwork, and strategic thinking.

International Experience

My soccer journey didn't stop at high school. I've been fortunate enough to play abroad in some of the most soccer-rich countries, including Spain, Portugal, Turkey, and Malta. Each of these experiences has contributed significantly to my knowledge and skill set:

- Spain: I honed my technical abilities and learned the intricacies of possession-based play.

- Portugal: I developed a deep understanding of tactical flexibility and dynamic offensive strategies.

- Turkey: I gained resilience and adaptability by playing in diverse and challenging environments.

- Malta: I enhanced my ability to read the game and improve decision-making under pressure.

What I Offer...


  • Personalized Training Sessions: One-on-one coaching focusing on specific areas for improvement.


  • Small Group Training: Engaging and competitive sessions for groups of 2-3 players.


  • Technical and Tactical Sessions: In-depth clinics covering various aspects of the game.

Let's Train Together!

Whether you're a young aspiring player looking to make your school team, or an advanced player aiming to reach new heights, I'm here to help you achieve your goals. Let's unlock your full potential and take your game to the next level!

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